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At Cumulus Coaching and Consulting, we aim to go beyond meeting your business goals—we want you to exceed them. 

We know the key to any successful company is its people. That's why our focus is on empowering your team. We provide the support and resources your employees need to develop tools and techniques that simplify their work.

We understand how crucial timely and high-quality delivery is. It not only boosts your company's reputation but also increases employee satisfaction and loyalty. Happy, empowered employees become passionate brand ambassadors and significantly boost your bottom line.

Moreover, we believe creating a purposeful work environment that excels in customer service shouldn't be costly. 

That’s why we offer our unique coaching and consulting services. Our efficient and affordable packages are the missing piece in your business growth plan.

Don’t wait to transform your business. Contact us today, and let’s get started. 

Let Cumulus Coaching and Consulting drive your company towards greater productivity and success.

Our Coaching Services

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Executive Teams

High-performing teams both deliver value and derive satisfaction from their work. It is essential to support teams in finding their unique shape as they build, adapt, and change through different stages of development.  This is the place where people ideate and plan for the next challenge.

Programmes are tailored for every team to meet the unique needs and challenges of fostering growth and adaptability.


Managers and leaders thrive when provided with a tailored space to enhance their mindset and critical thinking abilities.

Navigating the complexities of motivating a team during stressful times or reshaping their leadership approach hinges on decision-making. Leaders must actively examine the influences shaping their thoughts, behaviours, and actions as they occur.

For busy professionals, the chance to address ambitious goals and surmount obstacles is invaluable. Coaching has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in transforming both mindsets and skill sets, paving the way for remarkable achievements.
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We offer facilitators to help groups communicate and collaborate. We provide coaching and mentoring based on transparency, trust, and respect.

If you are planning events and are concerned that all the voices will be heard, we will ensure that your groups reach a consensus by carefully considering both the issues and the positive experiences that everyone brings to the table.

We ensure all online and in-person events are accessible, inclusive, and welcoming. 

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