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Executive Coaching

Cumulus has a vision that not only are people a company's greatest asset, but they are also a source of untapped potential.

How we think is essential to our potential and achieving success.

Investing in our thought processes, mindsets, and behaviours transforms the world of work.

To be the change we want to see.
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Our Coaching Services

Executive Teams

High-performing teams deliver value and derive satisfaction from doing so. Teams build, adapt and change and need support to find their unique shape at each stage of development. 

We establish a framework for business relationships that are  collaborative and effective.  A shared commitment to your purpose and to each other, is where people collaborate, ideate, and plan for the next challenge.

Working with an executive coach will help , widen options and identify solutions, releasing the full capability of the whole team and help forge their potential and professional growth. development.  It's a great 'giveback'.


We know that managers and leaders benefit from having dedicated space to explore their mindset and thinking skills. 

Whether an individual is focused on motivating a team under pressure, or redefining their own leadership style, how they make their decisions is critical. What is guiding their thinking, their behaviours, and actions in real-time? 

Busy individuals will benefit from scope to tackle challenging goals and overcome barriers. Coaching is a tried and tested means of shifting mindsets.


We offer trained facilitators to help groups communicate and collaborate. The coaching and mentoring we provide is based on transparency, trust, and respect.

If you are planning events and are concerned that all the voices will be heard, we will ensure that your groups reach a consensus by carefully considering both the issues and the positive experiences that everyone brings to the table.

We ensure all online and in-person events are accessible, inclusive, and welcoming. We record your decisions and, if needed, map your progress.
"I have a firm belief in building an approach to coaching that addresses and supports positive change for individuals, groups and organisations. 

Your organisation will benefit from enhanced adaptablity. The future you will create will be based on your current decision-making processes. 

Executive Coaching is the key to unlocking insight and capacity in response to a fast-changing world."

Maureen Adams
CEO and Founder

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